Patient: Maria M

Regarding the staff at Amerihealth, Ann Bell, Maria & Oscar “They have been so professional and helpful and they are the reason why I have improved so much.  Believe me I was down in a black hole physiologically and maybe even psychologically without knowing it.  Their persistence in caring is what helped me out. I had pretty much gotten to the point where I hadn’t anything to work on otherwise I would have been like I was when we got started.  When Louisa started, I was like a rag doll. I could almost do nothing then she got me up to a point when my time was up I was absolutely bitterly disappointed and Ann Bell kind of like the chief inspector, put me through the ropes.  Because of these staff members of the Amerihealth family I am physiologically more capable although I am not finished yet.  And of course Oscar cheers me on health wise.  He is a great nurse.”

Patient: Martha O (regarding a Nurse at Amerihealth)

“I was having a very bad day and recovering from knee surgery and doing very well thanks to the help of Oscar.  I fell and fractured my thoracic vertebrae and I was having a little pity party for myself here and all of a sudden I hear a knock on the door.  Then there was this voice saying Ms. Martha and it was just the most wonderful feeling to have such true love come from somebody that is a caregiver.  Someone who just comes to take my temperature, make sure that I am ok, and to make sure that I am doing everything right.  But he goes beyond that…he actually gets to know the people and actually cares about them.  I have really come to love the man for who he is and what he does.  I thank you Oscar. for making my day. “

Patient: Dr. Keusch

“I think that the Case Manager is very, very helpful.  Every time that we have called she has always helped us within what she can do.  Whatever she asked us to do we’ve done, you know I even had my doctor write the letters and he has done whatever we have asked of him. But your Case Manager has done everything that she can do to help me.

I also think that Jennifer is terrific.  For me, she is just the right kind of therapist that I need.  She’s going to do what needs to be done for me to get better.   She doesn’t ask me what I want her to do but she knows how to get around all the different exercises and do things that will help me get out of the chair.

Additionally, Olga is an absolute gem.  I get a bath, get cleaned, we talk you know and I mean she is terrific.  She’s helpful, pleasant, and fun to be with.  She’s like a member of the family.

Now the best of all is Joseph the nurse.  You know I am a physician.  The first thing that I do when I go in to see a doctor is let them know that I am a physician.  I also let them know that I am the best patient in the world.  Why? Because I want to be taken care of and I don’t want to give any opinions.  Joseph does his job so well, with kindness and everything that you could want him to have.  He is so knowledgeable and he knows what’s going on.  He’s just terrific.  When he’s with you he doesn’t rush.  He takes all the time you need and he says that everyone gets quality time.  People have been going into the hospital and he has even stayed there until emergency rescue came.  He’s unbelievable; he won’t leave the patients alone until he knows that they have been taken care of.  We consider ourselves very lucky and the idea that we have this great a person taking care of us is really special.

Patient: Sister Eleanor

You truly were a blessing  ! Please excuse the delay. I’m thanking you for all that you did for my sister, Rita . I am deeply grateful that you arranged for the various therapists, etc., to address her needs . Everyone was so professional and most kind.