Post Operative Care in South MiamiRecovering from postoperative surgery is hard. Not only does it take a long time, but your entire life is often affected because of it. You have to take time off work, and the small daily tasks that you would never have thought about before become more difficult and painful. Something as routine as getting up from bed or cooking yourself breakfast can become impossible.

Usually, recovery involves someone taking care of you as well. Sometimes you will be lucky enough that a family member or close friend can take off enough time to help you recover. Still, it can be a considerable inconvenience to the people in your life who love you and care about your well-being. Instead of that scenario, hiring a carer during the most sensitive time of recovery can take a huge burden off and help you recover faster and more efficiently.

What is Post Operative Care in South Miami?

Post-operative care begins directly after your surgery in the hospital and extends until you are well. Once you wake up from your surgery in the hospital, you will probably be disoriented and exhausted. Specialists will likely move you to a recovery unit where a nurse will monitor you waking up from anesthesia. They will keep an eye out for allergic reactions, unusual blood pressure, or abnormal bleeding. Once you are deemed stable, you will either be moved to a hospital room or sent home. This depends on the severity of the procedure you underwent. 

If you stay in the hospital, your post-operative care will be conducted by nurses at the hospital. They will help you do anything that needs to be done, from showering to feeding yourself. The hospital staff will continue to monitor your vital signs and give you the correct medications. You will probably be on an IV of some kind, and possibly more medical aids depending on the surgery you get.

However, if your surgery doesn’t require staying in the hospital, they will usually try to get you home as soon as possible. 

What Do I Do Once I Go Home?

Going home doesn’t mean you are out of the woods. Even though the hospital might have pronounced you healthy enough to be home, you might have a harder time at home. All the things you would have help within the hospital you now have to do on your own. 

Hiring a nurse for in-home post-operative care can help for a variety of reasons. 

1: Ease the Transition

me off of work, most of the things that were once so easy as to be thoughtless become nigh impossible. It can also be a burden on any family members that live with you. They also have to change huge aspects of their life to take care of you during this vulnerable period. You can help to ease this transition between hospital and home by hiring help. Instead of every small thing becoming another obstacle to recovery, extending the period where you have a trained professional keeping an eye on you and helping you with small tasks can help the entire experience go by more smoothly.

2: Faster Recovery

Though you might not think about it, it’s incredibly easy to injure yourself or cause complications after surgery. Whether it is lifting something too heavy or even twisting in a direction that you aren’t ready for, any ripped stitch or strained muscle could add days or weeks to your recovery. Once you are home, the likelihood of injuring yourself increases just because you aren’t sure of the limits. Having postoperative care helps to prevent this kind of injury. Trained nurses won’t allow you to do anything that would injure yourself. 

3: Peace of Mind

Lastly, it can give your family and friends peace of mind to know that you have in-home operative care. Hiring this care is not a sign that you are giving up, but that you are doing your best to stay healthy. The peace of mind that this can give you loved ones and yourself is priceless. If you have ever stood by while a loved one is convalescing, you know that it is indeed a relief to know that someone is watching over them.

Post Operative Care in South Miami

Where Do I Find Post Operative Care?

There are many ways to find post-operative care in South Miami or the surrounding areas. However, the easiest and safest way is to find an agency. Here at AmeriHealth, our team of professionals has been thoroughly vetted and has extensive experience. Contact us today!