Post Operative Care in Miami

Post Operative Care in Miami

Recovering from surgery is never easy. Not only is it a vulnerable time, but it is painful, and can alter your regular everyday life. It can also place an undue burden on your friends and family. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Rather than a time filled with inconvenience, pain, and frustration, hiring post operative care in Miami is the best way to make sure that your convalescence goes as easily and quickly as possible. 

What is Post-Operative Care in Miami?

Post-operative care is exactly what it says it is: care after a surgical operation. The first part of your post operative care happens in a hospital, where you are treated by nurses as they monitor your vitals as you wake up from anesthesia. Post operative care in the hospital is usually under the observation of doctors and nurses. In this case, you would be in a hospital room where nurses would check in every half hour to an hour to monitor your condition, administer medication, and help you with small tasks like going to the bathroom and showering. However, once your condition stabilizes to the point that you can eat, drink, and go to the bathroom on your own, they will discharge you.

At this point, your post-operative care shifts to the home, where friends, family, and post-operative care workers they may hire will continue your care. This can consist of in-home post-operative care workers like LPNs or simply people who will help with chores around the house and assist you with housekeeping, shopping, and personal hygiene. It can also include physical therapists assigned by your doctor, as these sessions are often key in recovering from many kinds of surgeries.  

What Kind of Post-Operative Care Do I Need?

There are several kinds of post-operative care in Miami and the surrounding areas available to patients.

1: Medical Post-Operative Care

If you undergo a major surgery, such as open-heart surgery or other such intensive surgeries, then you will likely need medical post-operative care, in the hospital and at home. Having a medical professional oversee your recovery can be a huge benefit as they can catch problems and aid in administering your medication and recommending different dosages to your doctor as needed. This assistance can even speed up the rate of your recovery. 

For many other kinds of surgeries, there will be physical therapy as well. This usually doesn’t happen in-home but is often vital to recovering the full use of your body once more. Choosing a physical therapist is usually simple, as your doctor will often recommend one.

2: Home-Based Post Operative Care

AmeriHealth Home Care also provides another kind of post operative care in Miami which is home-based post operative care. This type of post operative care is often less medical in nature. Instead, they aim to decrease your load at home and ensure that you don’t overextend yourself. They often do small tasks like light cleaning, essential shopping, and personal grooming. They can also sit with a recovering person that may need a little more watching. This kind of post operative care takes a great burden off the recovering person and their family as well as speeds up the healing process. Rest is one of the most underestimated aspects of the healing process, and it is difficult to truly heal if you are pushing yourself to clean your house and potentially tearing stitches.

Hiring a post-operative care worker at home also takes a huge burden off of the recovering patient’s family. Though family members are usually more than willing to help someone recover, it places a burden on family, especially if the responsibility rests on one single person. working 24 hours a day puts a lot of stress on someone’s plate, no matter how much it is done out of love. A post operative worker can relieve the stress and pressure put on a family member as the sole caretaker.

Post Operative Care in Miami

Where Do I Find Post Operative Care in Miami?

Here at AmeriHealth Home Care, we provide post operative care workers for every need. Our highly experienced team of experts is vetted, background-checked, and full of love and compassion for those we serve. Unlike many other home health care agencies, our home health care workers are selected for you with consideration for your position and your exact needs. We believe our personal touch sets us apart. Whether you need post operative care at home or in the hospital, our team is proud to serve you where you need it, when you need it. If you are ready to begin post operative care in Miami, contact us today!