Home therapy services

Amerihealth provides home therapy services to speed recovery from surgery, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. This allows the patient to recover in a comfortable and convenient environment while allowing their families to be involved in the recovery process.

Physical therapy:

Physical therapy allows patients to recuperate after surgery and allows patients to continue with their daily activities at their ultimate capability by improving strength, balance, coordination, and mobility. It usually includes some type of exercise.

Occupational Therapy:

Occupational therapy helps patients continue with everyday activities by improving the skills needed to accomplish these tasks.

Speech Therapy:

Speech therapy helps patients express themselves in a clear way in order to improve communication. Aside from speaking with more clarity, speech therapy can help with the function of breathing and swallowing.

Home Therapy Services

Further benefits with Amerihealth:

    • Ensures to provide quality and customized services in order to help each patient become independent in the future while in the rehabilitation process
    • We provide medication reminders, which is a step most patients forget to do during the rehabilitation process.
    • Meal prepping is important to keep a healthy diet. Our home care professionals help patients prepare nutritious meals.
    • We provide assistance with light housework in order to take the load off our patients as they recover and it avoids unnecessary falls.