Nursing Care Services Pinecrest

What You Need to Know About Nursing Care Services

AmeriHealth Home Care works to provide aid for those in need of short-term, long-term, and respite needs. With an excellent and well-trained, professional staff, the goal is simple: serving our patient needs.

In most scenarios, when you or a loved one is in the hospital, the facility will assign a case manager or discharge planning specialist. They focus on assisting with a transition back to the home setting. 

Unfortunately, after surgery or extended stays in the hospital, patients need a discharge to a rehabilitation center to continue their therapy, strength training, etc. This is where nursing care services can come into play.

It doesn’t matter if a patient undergoes knee replacement, hip replacement, heart surgery, or numerous other types of treatment, our nursing and post-operative care team from AmeriHealth is here to assist them.

Although some patients can reach their goals in a short matter of time, many patients need additional care. Read on to learn about how our team can help ease the transition. We offer extended care in Pinecrest and throughout the South Florida community.

Home Nursing Care Services in Pinecrest, Miami, and South Florida

Home nursing care services enable loved ones to recover from operations and injury in the comfort of their own home. AmeriHealth can provide care on a planned and emergency basis. We provide flexible, short-term, and long-term nursing care plans to suit the unique and individual needs of your loved one.

Caring for an individual that suffers from chronic illness, injury, disability, surgery, and end of life is often physically challenging, as well as an emotionally and mentally draining experience. 

As we age, administering care and compassion for loved ones can swiftly become even more challenging with fewer reserves of energy to deal with the day-to-day difficulties. Pain and fatigue may impair our ability to function, leaving us isolated and anxious regarding the future to come.

The team from AmeriHealth Home Care understands what you may be going through. With the proper nursing care services and personal care, our team aims to improve patient overall wellbeing while minimizing hospital and care facility stays.

These provisions might include:

  • Complex nursing care
  • Nutritious meal preparation
  • Transport for extended and specialized care
  • Access to support groups and counseling
  • Light activity and socializing

Designed Nursing Care Services Around Patient Lifestyles

AmeriHealth will meet with you and your loved one, in addition to any other significant people in their life. Then, we can work towards the common goal of personal care, identifying health and personal care needs.

This information will help our team work with your loved ones to make informed choices about their home nursing care options. We work closely with our patients to design the best possible solutions.

Common Home Nursing Needs May Include:

  • Elderly Care – support with medication, mobility, and various other needs for older individuals.
  • Post-Operative Care – home nursing care services to help patients recover after surgery and treatment while monitoring home transitions.
  • Chronic Diseases – experienced, professional nursing support to assist patients with support and coping on a daily basis with chronic, lifelong diseases.
  • Post-Hospital Care – home nursing care to monitor the transition to the home environment after a stay in a care facility.
  • Post-Injury Care – home nursing care to help patients recover after an injury.
  • Dementia – nursing support with medication and specialized needs.

At AmeriHealth, our team improvises and adjusts support combinations to remain in step with our patients’ needs. We listen, present options, and worked closely with loved ones, family members, and other healthcare professionals to devise services and a suitable care plan.

Similarly, we will develop custom-tailored nursing care services to ensure optimal care and attention when patients need it most. We update care as patient conditions and preferences change.

Nursing Care Services in Pinecrest – Responsive to Your Loved Ones’ Changing Needs

The duration of a patient’s nursing care services remains entirely flexible. In spite of a scheduled care plan for three-hour sessions, a patient may only need care a day or two out of the week. The good news is that with AmeriHealth we structure and customize care plans based on the needs and preferences of our patients, adapting and guiding durations and care applications on your loved one’s needs.

Our nursing care services are available in the Pinecrest area, as well as Sunset, Kendall, Miami, Coral Gables, Westchester, and all throughout the South Florida area. To learn more about how the AmeriHealth Home Care team can help you, contact our professional staff today!