Nursing Care Services Hialeah

Home of the historic Amelia Earhart Park and the Tamiami Trail, Hialeah, is a very large city in South Florida. Our team at AmeriHealth is here to serve the community of Hialeah with quality nursing care services

The Benefits of Nursing Care Services

Nursing care services can have several benefits for you and your loved ones, especially if you have a family member who struggles with illnesses and diseases that inhibit everyday activities, such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart failure, and dementia, in-home nursing care services may be the best option. 

Caring for a loved one all by yourself, especially if they struggle with certain illnesses, can be overwhelming and exhausting. Not only is it emotional, but also it can stress you out physically. Therefore, one of the benefits of having professional nursing care services is spending a more enjoyable time with your loved one rather than a stressful time. 

Caregiving is a job in and of itself, so you should avoid taking on that responsibility in addition to the responsibilities you likely already have with your other family members and work commitments. Caring for a loved one struggling with an illness can take a toll on your emotions by continually reminding you of their illness and suffering. In the few moments you have with your loved ones, you want them to be happy and joyful.

Even if you live with your loved one, that doesn’t mean that you must care for him or her all by yourself. Support is available. An in-home nurse, even just part-time, can help alleviate this stress while also providing the medical care that your loved one needs. 

Our team at AmeriHealth provides a variety of nursing care services in Hialeah that help each patient’s well-being by tailoring services to their individual needs. Our professional and skilled services include providing patients with a Registered Nurse (RN) and/or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Professional Nursing Care Services in Hialeah

LPNs care for patients right in their homes under the direct supervision of doctors or RNs. They provide primary care for people who are ill, injured, convalescent, or disabled. All of our nurses are trained professionals and can provide the best care in Hialeah.

Our personal care services include bathing (hands-on or standby assistance), dressing, grooming, light housekeeping, laundry, companionship, meal preparation, shopping, running errands, and escorting the doctor’s office and other personal appointments. 

We also provide various senior therapy services, such as physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and social services. Physical therapist visits help restore function and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities. Our physical therapy accomplishes this by maintaining and promoting overall fitness and health. 

Speech therapist visits help teach patients to increase their language skills to fulfill their daily activities and lead an independent, productive, and satisfying life. 

Occupational therapists visits help improve the patient’s basic motor functions and reasoning abilities. They teach patients to compensate for permanent loss of function to assist them in leading an independent, productive, and satisfying life.

Finally, social services facilitate long term planning to promote independence and provide opportunities to take advantage of various community resources designed to assist the elderly with their concerns and help alleviate their troubles. 

As for our other nursing care services in Hialeah, we also provide IV therapy, diabetic management, medication management, wound care, ostomy and catheter care, pain management, and care plan management/evaluation. 

All of these services require a level of skill and experience that often, only nurses can provide. Performing these tasks for your loved ones can be integral to their health and recovery, so giving them the best care from the most experienced professionals is crucial.

Take Care of Your Loved Ones | AmeriHealth Home Care Agency

The AmeriHealth Home Care Agency is dedicated to providing comprehensive quality patient and family-centered care right in the patient’s place of residence.

AmeriHealth strives to provide services in a manner that personifies the highest level of honesty, professionalism, and integrity. AmeriHealth’s products and services are sensitive to our clients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, their caregivers, and family members. 

Our trusted medical professionals are committed to conducting business in compliance with the letter and spirit of all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, regulations, standards, and guidelines. Our personal touch is what sets us apart. 

In addition to carefully conducting background screenings, each of our home care professionals is handpicked because of their expertise and experience in their respective fields. AmeriHealth prides itself on the art of matching compassionate caregivers with clients to provide personalized care based on the unique physical and emotional needs of each person. 

Whether your needs are temporary or long-term, our professional care services are offered in your home, hospital, living facilities, or recovery place of choice 24 hours daily, every day of the week.

AmeriHealth is dedicated to serving Hialeah’s community, and we’re here to give you the most affordable yet high-quality care.