Whether it’s cooking them a meal, running their errands, or cleaning up around their house, providing home care for your loved ones can quickly turn into a 24/7 job before you know it. As your loved ones get older, they likely won’t be able to do the things they used to, so they’ll lean on you for support and caregiving. 

While it’s important to show the people you love that you want to help them, caregiving is usually a full-time position that requires plenty of time, attention, and effort. Unintentionally assuming a caregiver’s role can strain your physical and mental health, especially if you have other work duties and familial responsibilities to attend to. 

Hiring a professional caregiver can lift this stress off of your shoulders while ensuring that your loved ones get the care and attention they need.

What Does a Caregiver Do?

Caregivers have a wide variety of responsibilities, but they can mold their everyday tasks to fit your loved one’s needs. One of the most common responsibilities caregivers have in Miami is assisting with personal care, including bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, and exercise. 

Your caregiver can also take care of basic food preparation and cleaning, whether it’s preparing meals, grocery shopping, housekeeping, laundry, and other errands. Home organization is another task caregivers can help with, including organizing items, packing or cleaning for a trip, or general house care and cleaning. 

If you have any general health care needs, your caregiver will oversee your medication and prescription usage, remind you of appointments, and administer medications. Speaking of appointments, caregivers can help with that too. Caregivers can take care of your transportation needs by driving your loved ones to and from activities, running errands, and help them get in and out of wheelchair-accessible vehicles. They can also help your loved one at home with getting in and out of their wheelchair, car, or shower.

Many caregivers also perform the responsibilities of professional nurses, such as orienting or grounding someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, relaying information from a doctor to family members, following a care plan, and noticing any changes in the individual’s health, as well as recording and reporting any differences.

On a more personal level, caregivers provide constant companionship, general supervision, and support in personal, health-related, and emotional matters. Therefore, caregiving is often a taxing and strenuous job, something that should be left up to the professionals. Taking on all of the caregiver’s responsibilities while still working at another job may not be healthy for you in the long run.

In the event of a major health crisis, such as a car accident, a stroke, or a heart attack, caregivers can provide that 24/7 support that your loved ones may need and take on various duties. This eliminates challenging and frustrating situations for your loved ones while simultaneously taking the stress off of your shoulders.

Caregiving Services in Miami, FL

Providing your loved ones with constant care requires a level of skill and experience that often only professional caregivers can provide. Performing these tasks for your loved ones can be integral to their health and recovery, so giving them the best care from the most experienced professionals is crucial.

The Amerihealth Home Care Agency is dedicated to providing comprehensive quality patient and family-centered care right in the patient’s place of residence.

Amerihealth strives to provide services in a manner that personifies the highest level of honesty, professionalism, and integrity. Amerihealth’s products and services are sensitive to our clients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, their caregivers, and family members. 

Our trusted medical professionals are committed to conducting business in compliance with the letter and spirit of all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, regulations, standards, and guidelines. Our personal touch is what sets us apart. 

In addition to carefully conducting background screenings, each of our home care professionals is handpicked because of their expertise and experience in their respective fields. Amerihealth prides itself on the art of matching compassionate caregivers with clients to provide personalized care based on the unique physical and emotional needs of each person. 

Whether your needs are temporary or long-term, our professional care services are offered in your home, hospital, living facilities, or recovery place of choice 24 hours daily. Amerihealth is dedicated to serving Miami’s community, and we’re here to give you the most affordable yet high-quality care. Contact us today for more information on our caregiving services in Miami.